K-eduplex Vacation Camp Notice

K-eduplex will run Vacation Camp for the summer vacation season this year. This camp will be run together by the organizations under K-eduplex – Sevenedu Indonesia (7EDU), Bridge Language Center (BLC), and Cornerstone Global Academy (CGA) – providing a variety of educational programs for the Korean residents and children in Cikarang.

For three weeks from June 22nd to July 10th, K-eduplex will provide the English Reading Camp and Math Calculation Camp for the elementary students and the Intensive Indonesian Language Learning Camp for those who wish to learn Indonesian. Please follow the link below for further details on the Vacation Camp.

On the other end, 7EDU is preparing to open up regular educational programs that will run throughout the semester from the fall season of the year. 7EDU will give its best to offer better educational programs in Cikarang region.