Bridge Language Center (BLC)’s ESL/English Courses

BLC is a language education institute under the Foundation Duranno Indonesia, the foundation of JIU. From 2018 onwards, we will move to the administrative part of JIU’s foreign language department. As the official language school of the college, BLC will hold ESL (English as a Second Language) course for JIU’s preparatory college students and foreign […]

Bridge Language Center (BLC)’s Korean Courses

In Cikrang area, nearby the K-eduplex campus, there are many foreign companies including Korean companies. BLC started CSR cooperation program with PT HankookTire Indonesia in November 2017. As a result, BLC opened two Korean language classes for local students. In April, BLC issued a formal certificate through a certification test in conjunction with the local […]

Bridge Language Center (BLC)’s BIPA & Indonesian Courses

The BLC’s Indonesian Language Course (BIPA) provides quality classes for foreigners including Korean residents. In the K-eduplex Campus, students are taught BIPA regular classes, evening conversation classes, and weekend classes in Jakarta Selatan and in Jakarta Utara. We are developing an advanced course curriculum and complete textbook development until August this year.

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7EDU Starts After School Program

7EDU provides high quality educational opportunities based on the Internet in the disadvantaged areas of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. 7EDU has launched the website 7EDULANG ( for online education since March 2017. Currently Indonesian, math, reading and Korean courses are being serviced. 7EDU will continue to explore ways to create and distribute a variety of […]

7EDU Hosts Jump Up Seminar for Korean Community

7EDULANG, online education division of K-eduplex, hosted ‘Jump Up’ seminar in Jakarta (4 March) and Delta Mas (6 March). This seminar focused on discovering study methods, college preparation guideline, and posture adjustment for students in Jakarta and Delta Mas. We would like to thank Mr. Gil Young Cha (CEO of ChaMath), Ms. Hye In Shin […]

7EDULANG Starts Open Beta Service

7EDULANG, name of the online education service provided by K-eduplex, started open beta service. Our online education service strives to serve various educational needs in Indonesia and ASEAN through the Internet, overcoming distance and infrastural barriers in this area. From 23 January to 28 February 2017, 7EDULANG will provide basic Indonesian for foreigners and CHA […]

2016 BIPA Graduation (2nd Semester)

On 9 December 2016, Bridge Learning Center (BLC) Lippo Cikarang campus held a graduation ceremony as BLC wrapped up its 6th semester in Indonesia. BIPA program developed by BLC has been successful in improving not only Indonesian language skills, but offering cultural insight and appreciation of Indonesia. In 2016, BLC offered diverse learning models in […]

2015 BIPA Graduation (2nd Semester)

On December 4, 2015, Bridge Learning Center (BLC) Jakarta and Tangerang held BIPA graduation ceremony at their campuses respectively. Cikarang campus held the ceremony on December 8, 2015 at El Oasis Church in Lippo Cikarang. BIPA program at BLC uses the textbooks published by BLC to strengthen the students’ learning experience. Currently, BLC operates BIPA […]

K-eduplex Vacation Camp Notice

K-eduplex will run Vacation Camp for the summer vacation season this year. This camp will be run together by the organizations under K-eduplex – Sevenedu Indonesia (7EDU), Bridge Language Center (BLC), and Cornerstone Global Academy (CGA) – providing a variety of educational programs for the Korean residents and children in Cikarang. For three weeks from […]